NASSLI GROUP is considered one of the first Saudi companies which specialized in the power saving and smart solution provider along with LED lighting technology, which has experience for more than 10 years in this field.

NASSLI GROUP has Contributed in the development and applied the concept of power saving in the government and private facilities.
NASSLI-LED LAMP from the first Saudi manufactures which specialized in the LED lighting technology field in the GCC area, this local industry has accomplished a very splendid growth and success in the area of GCC, the most successful & competitive products in from the price and quality point comparing to the biggest international LED factories along the world is the LED Street Lighting, LED high bay for factories and the outdoor façade color change LED lighting using RGB & DMX Control, the variety of typed, shapes, sizes & light colors of our interior LED lighting products helps to spread and use this products in the governments, houses, malls and hotels, the high quality of our American and European row materials which we are using in our products had raised the product quality and robustness which make us able to give a very long time of our full warranty reach from 3 to 10 years warranty.